Ashley B211/31/36/87/84/150/B100-12/92(2) Drystan - Multi - Dresser, Mirror, Full Panel Bed with 2 Storage Drawers & 2 Nightstands

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SKU B211/31/36/87/84/150/B100-12/92(2)
Frames And Rails - Brown - Full Roll Slat53.39"W x 70.79"D x 0.75"H - 34.0... Read More
Frames And Rails - Brown - Full Roll Slat
53.39"W x 70.79"D x 0.75"H - 34.0 lbs

Use center-supported bolt on bed rails when using conversion plates.

Drystan - Multi - T/F Side Storage w/Rail
55.63"W x 76.77"D x 13.66"H - 108.0 lbs
Drystan - Multi - Dresser
58.7"W x 15.35"D x 36.42"H - 140.0 lbs
Drystan - Multi - Bedroom Mirror
41.85"W x 0.98"D x 30.67"H - 34.0 lbs
Drystan - Multi - Full Panel Footboard
57.09"W x 0.63"D x 14.84"H - 18.0 lbs
Drystan - Multi - Full Panel Headboard
56.93"W x 3.74"D x 60.67"H - 70.0 lbs
Drystan - Multi - Two Drawer Night Stand
21.69"W x 15.35"D x 24.37"H - 45.0 lbs

Burnt orange and teal colors accent a brown rustic finish in a replicated woodgrain with authentic touch. Large scaled dark colored handles. Cases feature a framed front and pilasters. All panel headboards (53,57,58,87) feature decorative matte black sconce lights. Side roller glides for smooth operating drawers. All panel headboards (53,57,58,87) can attach to a bolt-on metal bed frame B100-31 or B100-66 respectively. Drawers lined with a faux linen laminate for a clean, finished look. Slim profile dual USB chargers located on the back of the night stand top and the side of the headboards. All side storage options (50,150,60,160) requires the use of the B100-11, B100-12, B100-13 or the B100-14 roll slats. All under bed storage units (50,150,60,160) accommodates to 10.5"W x 10.5"D x 11"H cube storage bins. LED lights accent bookcase headboards (63,65,69,85). All beds have a panel footboard (52,84,54,56) and storage footboard option (52S,84S,54S, 56S). Queen (65) and king (69) headboards can attach to a bolt-on metal bed frame B100-21, B100-31 or B100-66 respectively. Twin (63) and full (85) headboards can attach to a bolt-on metal bed frame B100-21.