Choosing the Right Seating for Your Home: Sectional vs. Sofa in Calgary

by Jagjiwan Singh

Choosing a new piece of furniture for your home involves making several different decisions along the way. One of the first dilemmas you’ll encounter is opting for a sectional, also known as a sectional couch or a sofa.

Sofas and couches are typically a single piece of furniture and involve making sure the entire piece can fit in the given space. 

With sectional sofas, you have a modular sofa that can be assembled, extended, or shortened as necessary for the given space or expected number of guests. 

It’s crucial to take the time to evaluate both categories of couches and select the right furniture to match your available space and lifestyle for your Calgary home. We’ll be breaking down the key differences between both options and providing guidance to help you make your decision.


Understanding the Basics of Sectional Couches and Sofas

Let’s dive deeper into the basics of these two major categories of sofas, which must be understood before you decide. 

What is a Sectional Couch?

A sectional couch is a modular piece of furniture composed of multiple sections that can be arranged in several different configurations, allowing them to work well in different room layouts and seating requirements.

What is a Sofa?

A sofa is a single piece of seating furniture designed to accommodate between two to four people, generally speaking. Sofas are not modular, so customers need to measure the available space and make sure the new sofa occupies the desired amount of space.

So, What’s the Difference?

The core difference between sectionals and sofas is modularity, size, and versatility in how they can be arranged. Choosing one type of sofa over the other is one of the first decisions that needs to be made before you dive deeper into the possible options. 

Pros and Cons of Sectionals

Sectionals have several advantages that can make them appealing, but they also have disadvantages that need to be considered. The key advantages of sectionals are:

  • Modularity with corner pieces, armless areas, chaises, and middle pieces can be arranged as you decide.
  • Sectionals are typically larger than standard sofas and can form L shapes, U shapes, and other possibilities, depending on your preferences. These unique shapes can help take advantage of odd corners or shapes in living rooms. 
  • It can offer valuable functionality, such as built-in storage, pull-out beds, and recliners.

Disadvantages to consider as you make your decision are:

  • Sectionals generally take up more space than single-piece sofas, making available space a significant factor in your choice.
  • It can offer less flexibility in the overall layout of the room due to taking up space. Fortunately, the modularity of sectionals can help lessen this disadvantage depending on how you arrange everything.
  • When moving, these may not fit in the new space the same way as a traditional sofa or loveseat.

Pros and Cons of Sofas

Sofas have typically historically been a single piece of furniture with a fixed size, utility, and design. These sofas have appealing advantages over sectionals, but also disadvantages to keep in mind.

A few advantages of single-piece sofas include:

  • Standard and popular designs, both in fashion and seating styles like loveseats, three-seaters, and more.
  • Couches are typically more compact than sectionals, which is often better for small to medium spaces.
  • Easy to place due to their single-piece construction. They’re also easier to move and position within a room or move to a new room compared to sectionals.

Disadvantages of this category of couches are:

  • Limited seating compared to sectionals, as most couches provide up to four seats and rarely beyond that.
  • No adaptability for large gatherings, as the available seating is fixed. 

Considerations for Calgary Homeowners

How does living in Calgary affect the type of couch you choose? While both types of couches are still worth considering, the seasonal considerations and overall culture of Calgary can influence your decisions.

Home layouts can vary, with older homes in Calgary having more limited space and newer homes offering more available space. Seasonally, more comfortable fabrics can help with the cold winters, while durable fabrics are crucial for homes with more sunlight.

The local culture of Calgary and how you participate are other factors to keep in mind. Do you plan on having large gatherings at your home, smaller groups with a specialized interest, or you won't be hosting at all? 

Evaluate your lifestyle, layout, and seasonal considerations when choosing your couch and its design. Visiting furniture stores in Calgary can also help you decide between all the options.

Making Your Decision

Your decision begins by measuring your available space and visualizing each type of couch in your home. Evaluate how it may fit in your home, how it will affect the layout of the rest of the room, and current lifestyle, such as gatherings or family size.

Additionally, keep future lifestyle changes in mind, as the goal is to keep your couch for years or even decades. Will you be expanding your family? Moving into a new home? Or start having more or less gatherings with friends and family?

Consider all of these moving pieces in addition to the pros and cons of both categories as you make your decision. It can also be helpful to see sectionals and single-piece sofas in person.

Find Your Ideal Seating Option at Our Calgary Store

Choosing between sectionals and traditional sofas is among the first decisions you’ll make when buying a new couch. Do you have a larger space and would appreciate the modularity of a sectional? Or is a single-piece couch the better option for your needs?

Seeing the options in person can go far in helping you decide. You’ll not only see both categories, but once you choose the right category, you can start exploring design options, fabrics, and everything else to help choose your next couch.

FD Furniture is a local leader in high quality furniture. Our Calgary store lets you see specific a traditional and sectional couch in Canada so you can find the perfect piece for your space. 

Ready to take the next step? Book a consultation with our furniture experts or visit our Calgary location.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs) for Choosing Between a Sectional and a Sofa in Calgary

What is the best choice for a smaller living space in Calgary?

A couch might be more suitable for smaller living spaces as it occupies less space and offers flexibility in layout. However, some smaller sectionals are also designed to fit snug environments and can offer more seating than a standard sofa.


How do I decide between a sectional and a sofa for hosting guests?

If you often host large gatherings, a sectional might be the better option as it provides ample seating and can be arranged to facilitate conversation. A sofa or couch might suffice for less frequent hosting or smaller groups, complemented with additional chairs or ottomans when needed.


Are there customizable options for sectionals and sofas at your Calgary store?

Yes, our Ashley and FD Designs brands offer customizable options that allow you to choose fabrics, colors, and configurations to match your home’s decor and style.


Can I try out the furniture before buying?

Absolutely! We encourage you to visit our store in Calgary to test out both our sectionals and couches. Feeling the comfort and seeing the furniture in person can help you make a decision that you’ll be happy with for years to come.


What should I consider about the material and fabric of my furniture given Calgary’s climate?

Given Calgary's variable climate, choosing durable materials that can handle dry winters and sunny summers is crucial. Leather or high-quality synthetic fabrics offer longevity and easy cleaning. We also suggest considering plush textures for warmth in the winter and lighter fabrics that won't fade in strong sunlight.