Furnishing a new home? 6 important tips to remember!

by Jagjiwan Singh
Amrit Singh, Co-owner of Fair Deal Furniture

By Amrit Singh, Co-owner of Fair Deal Furniture

There is no feeling quite like walking into your new place for the first time.

So much will be shared inside your walls: get-togethers, meals, and fun times with your loved ones.

But before your house can become your home, it needs to be furnished!

My passion for interior design began when I was a young child. I would watch my mom, who started Fair Deal Furniture in 1991, help her customers explore different styles and match pieces to create a nice look for their homes.

I entered the family business in the early 2000s and really enjoy what I do — helping customers make their homes beautiful.

Over the years, all of us at Fair Deal have gained significant knowledge about the various factors to consider when furnishing a new house. Read our best tips below!

Consider the functionality of your furniture

Sometimes when we fall in love with furniture that we see in a show home or online, we can lose sight of how we plan to use the furniture.

Show homes are set up to accentuate the size of a room, and although the furniture may look nice, it may not always be functional for you and your family.

I always suggest for my customers to consider how they will use the furniture and how often. A sectional couch might be more functional for a large family than a traditional loveseat and chair combination.

These considerations can also help you divide your budget for the more important items. I suggest setting aside more for a sofa that you will use every day, rather than for a formal dining room table that you’ll use on special occasions.

Blue sectional that can be customized

See our customizable Trendy Sectional

Video of Amrit Singh, store owner, showing the customizable options of the Trendy Chaise Sectional
Watch my video for the Trendy Chaise Sectional!

Know the size of your space

The size of your space is a very important factor when choosing furniture, yet it can be a difficult one to keep in mind when shopping.

Sometimes people don’t realize how big a furniture item really is. It’s hard to gain a true appreciation for how a piece will fit in your home when seeing it in a large showroom with high ceilings and large displays.

I always recommend for my customers to bring along measurements when shopping for furniture if possible. By having an idea of the room size, our team can help recommend the best pieces to complement a space.

Velvet navy blue sofa with white accent pillows

See our compact Palmetto sofa and loveseat

Glass dining table with four white chairs

See our modern Abbot dining set

Keep in mind the continuity of colour

The appeal of show homes is often due to the flow of the colour used in each space. The continuity of the colour palette seems effortless... that is until you try to accomplish the same look!

Our team at Fair Deal loves to help customers develop a colour palette that they can use throughout their homes.

I suggest following the same colour palette on each floor rather than for the entire home. This way you can have some fun with colour while still ensuring a flow from room to room.

However, I also suggest letting your wildest colour dreams shine through in the master bedroom. This is your oasis, and at the end of the day, it’s where you unwind and destress. You really don’t need to worry about how the colour theme looks to anyone else.

So, pull out the peppy pinks and the bold blues to create a space that is perfect just for you.

Sterling bedroom set with driftwood laminate finish and industrial black handles

See our neutral Sterling bedroom collection

Choose a style you love

While there are many great sources of inspiration, I believe you should consider what styles appeal to you rather than what others have chosen for themselves.

At Fair Deal, we have many styles including modern, traditional, rustic, farmhouse transitional, elegant, etc. I recommend finding a style that you prefer so you can create continuity throughout your home.

Bedroom set with distressed slate finish and antique black handles

See our rustic Canadian Stockton Bedroom Set

Storage bed made of solid alder in a clay finish with an upholstered headboard and an LED light spanning across

See our contemporary York Bedroom Set

Budget for your priority items

Buying a new home is exciting. Furnishing the home may be even more exciting!

I believe it’s good to have realistic budgets when furnishing a home.

Although the cost of a single bedroom or just the living room may be manageable, the costs can add up quickly when it becomes three bedrooms, the living room, a lounge, the dining room, and the kitchen area.

My suggestion: You may not want to furnish every room at once. Instead, you might want to prioritize what you need first.

If it’s the master bedroom that you’re most excited about turning into an oasis, start there. Perhaps the dining room table needs an upgrade but is still functional.

Upholstered bed with grey fabric and tufting

See our Shannon Upholstered Bed

Video of Alanis media corner sectional - tidying up toys or other items is easy with the storage ottoman

See our budget-friendly Alanis sectional

Don’t forget to accessorize!

The finishing touches can really bring together a space and make it feel like home.

I suggest accessorizing your space with a carpet, wall hangings, greenery, candles, and whatever décor pieces that appeal to you.

The small touches may not seem to be a priority when you’re putting together your new home, but they can give your home personality and create ambiance.

3 gold accent wall shelves

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Mirror with linear Greek key frame

See our unique Jasna Mirror

Furnishing a new home and need more advice? Come see us at Fair Deal or browse through our collections online!