The best gift idea: 6 tips for giving furniture

by Jagjiwan Singh
Jag Singh, Co-owner of Fair Deal Furniture

By Jag Singh, Co-owner of Fair Deal Furniture

Do you have someone on your holiday gift list who is impossible to shop for?

If you’re unsure about what to give them this year, I have an idea for you.

Having worked at my family’s furniture store for the past 10 years, I know that furniture can make a big difference in someone’s home and their life.

There are some obvious challenges when it comes to gifting furniture, like price point, personal style, and room size. But if you want to give someone you love a gift they will appreciate for years, read my six tips for giving the gift of furniture (and check out our Holiday Home Sale too)!

Decide on your price range

When you think about giving furniture, your first thought might be that it’s of your price range.

However, it’s a good idea to consider the price range that you are most comfortable with, what furniture is typically available within that range, and who in your life might love to receive one of those items.


This price range may be great for a friend or loved one who could use something special in their home like an accent mirror, accent light, wall décor, pillows, throw blankets, or bedding.

Mirror with shapely quatrefoil frame abd brushed champagne finish

See Desma Champagne Accent Mirror


This range may be great for close loved ones, like a sibling or in-laws. Gifts like a bookshelf, coffee table, or an accent cabinet may be enjoyed for years to come.

Black rectangle glasstop coffee table

See Urban Icon Coffee Table


This range may be great for a significant other, parent, child or close loved one. Items like a new bed for a child, a recliner or armoire for a spouse, or a mattress for a parent might be an excellent idea.

Leather power recliner in midnight colour with stitching, adjustable headrest, and underneath LED lighting in blue

See Party Time Power Recliner

Ask sneaky questions and/or take them shopping

Another common concern with gifting furniture is being unsure about the person’s furniture style.

My suggestion is to bring up a furniture-related topic in your next conversation with them, and sneak in a few questions. You could mention that you are shopping for a particular item for your home, and you would love to get their style ideas.

Here are some questions to ask:

  • How would they describe their furniture style?
  • What kind of furniture styles do they prefer/recommend?
  • What furniture styles do they not like?

Another idea is to take them shopping with you and keep an eye on what they’re interested in, and what they say they like or don’t like.

See the Dorrinson TV Stand

Consider their space

Before deciding on what furniture piece to give, it’s a good idea to know the size of their space.

  • If you’re able to visit their home (or you live with them), consider:
  • Which room could use something new?
  • Which room has space or could use a space-saving/storage item?

What is the approximate size of the room? If you are unable to visit their home, I suggest bringing up the topic of space/storage and hear what they have to say about their space.

Three by three cube organizer shelf in natural wood tone

See the Socalle Nine Cube Organizer

Think about yourself, too

If the person you have in mind lives with you, this is a bonus!

Keep in mind that the furniture item might be something you get to use too. If you’re shopping for your spouse, you too will get to improve your sleep with a luxurious new mattress.

Another idea to discuss with your partner is giving yourselves a gift together this year, like a new bedroom set.

Image of mattress on wood bed frame in room with black walls

See the Tempur-Pedic Tempur Sense Soft Memory Foam Mattress

Plan the surprise!

The best part about giving furniture is that it makes for a big surprise! If you’ve planned the purchase together, receiving the delivery can be a celebration!

If your plan is to surprise them, there are two great options for how to do this:


Giving your loved one a card with a picture of their new furniture item is a great way to surprise them.

This option is especially suitable if you have any hesitations about the item, in which case, it would be best to purchase the item after your loved one has given their approval. Make sure to check with your local furniture store if the item is in stock.


If you are 100% sure that the item is perfect and you have made the purchase, planning the delivery as a surprise could be very exciting.

In this case, there are a few important questions to keep in mind:

  • Who will be home to receive the delivery?
  • Does the space and pathway need to be cleared?
  • Is assembly required?

Be sure to consider which option works best for you and your loved one.

Bedroom set including bed, mirror, dresser, chest and nightstand with curved edges and rustic finish

See the Tofino bedroom set

Consider a gift card

If you want to give furniture to someone you love, but you’re unsure about a few details, a better option might be to give a gift card to your local furniture store. A gift card that they can use toward a furniture purchase is something almost anyone would love to receive!

Need a gift card? Contact us!

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