Why choose Canadian-made furniture?

by Jagjiwan Singh
Written by Emily Meyer, freelance journalist in Calgary

Buying local products and supporting homegrown industries have become rising sentiments amongst Canadians over the past few years.

But for Fair Deal Furniture, a family-owned business located in northeast Calgary, the concept of sourcing Canadian-made products is far from new.

“Canadian-made carries a sense of pride,” says Jag Singh, Co-owner of Fair Deal, who has been working in the business for the past decade. “When we opened our store in the early 90s, everything was Canadian-made. Those are our roots, and we’ve chosen to stay close them since.”

“When we opened our store in the early 90s, everything was Canadian-made. Those are our roots, and we’ve chosen to stay close them since.”

— Jag Singh, Co-owner of Fair Deal Furniture

Consciously choosing homegrown products resonates with Kurt Schulz, Territory Sales Representative of DeFehr Furniture, a Canadian manufacturer with exclusive product lines through Fair Deal.

“Everyone around the world should be looking at Canadian furniture!” says Kurt. “We have passion, and we build with quality.”

Like Fair Deal, DeFehr believes in staying close to its roots. It began as a family-owned business in Winnipeg during the 1940s and continues to manufacture exclusively in Canada today.

“What makes DeFehr unique is that our furniture is built from start to finish in Winnipeg,” Kurt explains.

With Canadian manufacturers like DeFehr using strong materials and solid wood, many people are choosing Canadian furniture for its long-lasting quality, as well as for its unique designs.

“What makes DeFehr unique is that our furniture is built from start to finish in Winnipeg.”

— Kurt Schulz, Territory Sales Representative, DeFehr Furniture

Unique Canadian designs

"Canadian furniture is known internationally for its quality and style," says Kurt.

There’s no better way to illustrate this uniqueness than through a few of DeFehr’s most popular pieces offered through Fair Deal.

Rustic Canadian

Stockton headboard with faux stone and LED lights
The DeFehr Stockton Collection features a rustic and natural look, complemented with unique stone and lighting details on the headboard. 

The Stockton bedroom collection is a popular choice among customers who like the natural and rustic farmhouse style.

“I like this one so much that I purchased it for my own home!” says Jag. “It is absolutely solid, and the details add to the charm.”

Video of Jag showing his favourite bedroom set, the DeFehr Stockton
Watch this video on Instagram to see why the Stockton is Jag's favourite bedroom set. 

Shop the Stockton Bedroom Collection

Sterling bedroom set with driftwood laminate finish and industrial black handles
Industrial styling with a polished flair: The DeFehr Sterling Collection is a popular choice among Fair Deal customers.

Another popular choice for customers who prefer the rustic style is the Sterling bedroom collection, which features a driftwood finish and industrial black handles.

Shop the Sterling Bedroom Collection

Modern Canadian

Bedroom set in dark finish with features like sensor light in top drawer of nightstand and power and USB ports
The DeFehr Milano Collection has a number of intuitive features including a motion sensor light in the top drawer of the nightstand and power and USB ports in the headboard. 

For those who prefer a more modern and elegant style for their space, the Milano is a great choice. It's made with solid maple and offers intuitive features like integrated lighting and a power bar with USB ports.

Shop the Milano Bedroom Collection

Blend of Rustic and Modern

The DeFehr Windsor Collection features two choices of nightstands: angled piers with a glass shelf and integrated lighting or a nightstand with 2 large drawers (as photographed here).

For those who like to have something different, the Windsor bedroom collection can be described as a blend between rustic and modern. It features a unique ‘prairie storm’ finish on maple and brushed gold metal handles.

In addition to beautiful designs, Canadian-made products are also better for the environment.

Shop the Windsor Bedroom Collection

Environmentally friendly

A bonus for choosing Canadian-made furniture is knowing that it’s been manufactured with the environment in mind.

DeFehr is licensed under the Environmental Act by Manitoba Conservation, which is given to businesses that consistently exceed safe environmental practices.

An interesting fact is that the company uses 95% of wood waste to heat their facility in the winter months. They also use sustainable materials as much as possible, including Manitoba Pine.

“It’s nice to know that when you choose Canadian furniture, you’re also making a good choice for the environment,” says Kurt, adding that it also supports the manufacturing industry which helps to create jobs for Canadians.

Handmade by skilled Canadians

DeFehr furniture makers in their Winnipeg shop
DeFehr Furniture employs over 400 Canadians.

Canadian-made furniture is known for its craftsmanship, which often requires a closer look at the details.

“A good example of craftsmanship is a snag-free drawer that opens fully,” says Jag, referring to the Milano nightstand. “The motion sensor light on the inside of the drawer is another sign of thoughtful design and craftsmanship.”

Kurt explains that while DeFehr’s team uses a broad range of automated machinery, many aspects of production rely on quality craftsmanship from skilled furniture makers.

“Most of what we do is handmade,” says Kurt. “We put our care into every piece.”

Built with people in mind

If you are like many other Canadians who are spending more time at home, having long-lasting furniture that also contributes to your happiness is important.

The team at Fair Deal understands that furniture shopping should always be enjoyable.

“Our people enjoy sharing their furniture expertise with customers, and we also know to give customers the space they need to explore” says Jag. “We are always happy to help!”

Video showing features of the Milano bedroom set with Amrit and her son
Watch this video on Instagram with Amrit showing the features of the Milano bedroom set. 

If you’re looking for beautiful Canadian-made furniture for your home, be sure to contact Fair Deal Furniture.